Dorset Lodge is a family owned and run business for more than twenty years. It has been operated under the philosophy of  'caring for your family as we would our own'. This central focus is at the heart of everything we do, from finding the right staff to the way we maintain the facility and the services we provide.

At Dorset Lodge we conduct ourselves in a spirit of compassion and respect where the personal needs, beliefs and freedoms of our residents are paramount. It is our focus to make our residents feel; at-home, safe, well cared for at all times and living life to the fullest. We achieve this by recognising their immediate and long term needs and goals and tailoring a care plan to suit.

Our family of professional, experienced and dedicated staff are essential in delivering this promise of quality care that we are well known for.

Our Care Team


All of the Dorset Lodge staff are inducted into our core philosophy and set of beliefs to ensure that they know  what we stand for and the level of quality care we expect of them every day. Our Care Team are qulified in their field and undergo regular and mandatory in-house training, ensuring that our staff are well equipped to handle any situation that may arise and that they continue to grow their knowledge in this field.

Our Care Team are an important part of creating an environment where family is the focus. We value and support them and think of them as part of our family. Just as we encourage the families of our residents to be a part of Dorset Lodge we encourage our staff to become part of our residents life. Importantly, like us they recognise that it is a privilege to work with the aged and be a part of their lives

Our Facility Manager


​The Care Team is lead by Sandra Johns, our Facility Manager.

​​Sandra has been part of the Dorset Lodge family for over 19 years. Sandra's dedication to Dorset Lodge and the residents is self evident to all those who meet her. Her generous and caring nature and drive to ensure that all residents are treated with respect, dignity and love is what makes Rena special. Sandra is committed to ensuring that our residents are offered all of life's opportunities and her sense of humor and bright personality makes Dorset Lodge a special place to be.



​We believe in the importance of allowing our care team to care. This is why we employ staff to handle all administration and business management tasks. We understand that carers don't need further distractions from the main tasks of caring for the residents and we therefore put all of their administration and business needs at their fingertips, ensuring  a professional run business and a care team that has time to care, rather than worrying if there is enough paper for the copier.


Our administration team is lead by Ella Zhang, Qualified Chartered Account with over 20 years of Administrative and Accounting experience.


The Management Team is lead by Jenny Tang (Director) .

Jenny has over 18 years experience in management role locally and internationally although she starts the journey in aged care later in her career. Jenny has a passion for caring people in need. She is dedicated herself to providing a premium service  and always puts the residents well-being at the forefront of any business decisions.





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