A sense of purpose and fulfilment are a big part of enjoying a happy and fulfilling life as you age. At Dorset Lodge we help you achieve that through activities that stimulate the senses and create interest either individually, in groups or as a community.

Our specialist trained Lifestyle & Wellbeing staff aim to help you choose activities that suit your personal needs. The activities and lifestyle program is constructed in conjunction with staff, residents, family and volunteers. This is all done with flexibility, personal choice and of course on a voluntary basis.

Whether its about taking part in social activities, ensuring there is the right sort of intellectual stimulation, keeping fit, enriching the senses or developing the cultural and spiritual side of life, we have a variety of activities to choose from at Dorset Lodge.

Social Living
Having a busy social life is vital and we take great care to ensure that our residents have plenty of oppurtunites to be amongst friends, meet new people, get out and about and feel part of the community. Some of the many structured social activities that are available at our facility include: 
Friendship Groups
Bus Outings
Happy Hour and Entertainers evenings
Devonshire Tea
Movie Screenings
Beauty Therapy / nail care
Music and sing-alongs
Football Tipping
Active Minds


Fun and games are highly recommended in maintaining a healthy brain function. We have a range of specific activities that are designed to stimulate our residents intellectually and cognitively. Of course while stimulating the mind they are also a great source of fun and laughter, which is always the best medicine. Some examples of the activities we offer at our facility include:
Board & Card Games
Current Affairs discussions
Trivial Pursuit
Poetry Readings
Quizzes and word games
Staying Fit


Maintaining a range of physical movement is key to enjoying yourself in later life. Activities can be tailored to ensure you stay as fit as possible. There is of course no pressure to participate. Some examples of the health and fitness activities we offer at our facility include:

Tai Chi
Exercise to music
Carpet Bowls
Walking Groups
Golf Putting
Cultural Connections


Cultural events are an opportunity to enjoy Australia's amazing cultural diversity as well as a way of celebrating the traditions of different country's cultures, traditions, food and music. We always welcome input from families and friends to share their culture with the Dorset Lodge residents. Some examples of the cultural activities enjoyed at our facility include:

Australia Day
St Patricks Day
Chinese New Year
Italian Day
Greek Day
and others...
Spiritual Connections


​Spirituality has an important place at Dorset Lodge and we have many activities that could be called spiritual. Some are religious based and others fit the broader definition. Importantly, spirituality and religion is an individual pursuit and therefore is always an optional activity.

Some of the many spiritual activities enjoyed at Dorset Lodge include:
Catholic Church Service
Uniting Church Service
Presbyterian Church Service
Anglican Church Service
Bible Study Group
Meditation Group
and others...




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